About EPA Victoria (EPA)

EPA works on behalf of all Victorians to protect the environment & human health by preventing & reducing pollution & waste.

EPA sets & enforces environmental standards & strives to achieve clean air, healthy waterways, safe land & minimal disturbances from noise & odour for Victorians.

EPA is Victoria’s trusted voice on environmental protection for community, industry & Government.

We are recruiting for roles following the Victorian Government’s response to the Independent Inquiry into the EPA. These new positions will help EPA meet the challenges posed by a changing climate, growing population & evolving economy.

At EPA you can make a real difference to your career, work-life balance, future & most importantly, our environment.

Job Details
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Work Type:
Job Function: Environment
Classification: VPSG4
Work Location:
Closing Date: 23-Nov-2017
Salary Range: $79,955 - $90,716
Job Duration:
Attachments: Science Communications Writer VPS 4.1 November 2017.pdf (PDF, 287KB)

Application Form.docx (Word, 26KB)

Contact: Anne-Maree Westbury
(03) 9695 2932

Position Details

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